Walter Randel Gallery is pleased to announce Selections from the Gallery, a group exhibition featuring ceramic sculptures by Charles Birnbaum, photography by Ernest Kafka, digital paintings & works on paper by Josef Levi, and paintings by Mark Sengbusch. Accompanying the works of these four artists is a selection for sculptures from the gallery dating from Antiquity through the 20th Century, from European, Asian, Oceanic and New World Cultures.

Josef Levi, who currently lives and works in Italy, studied at the University of Connecticut and Columbia University. He had his first show in New York City In 1965. His work can be found in the Museum of Modern Art, the Albright Knox Gallery, the Aldrich Museum, and the Corcoran Gallery. Corporate collectors of his art include the Bank of New York and Exxon. Originally a painter, Levi has since 2002 been altering his “still lives” of known faces from paintings of women by old and modern masters, as well as commissioned portraits, on the computer so that there is a greater bias toward abstraction.

Still life with El Greco
Archival inks on canvas
57.5" X 28"

Ernest Kafka, a New York photographer, is an enthusiastic collector of art from ancient and medieval times to the present. His photographs of a recent voyage to Syria, Jordan and Egypt record how people live today surrounded by vestiges of the past – among the ruins of some of the oldest cradles of civilization, and with the monuments of history and the natural world such as the famed Krac des Chevaliers and the magnificent silver rocks of Petra. The images both record the flow of time and place the viewer in the places and epochs in history when some of the historical selections in the exhibition were created or derived their inspiration.

Petra Treasure
Archival inks on Epson Exhibition Paper
21" X 14" (Edition MF-1/10)

Charles Birnbaum, an artist for over 25 years, studied clay sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute with Ken Ferguson, the noted teacher of ceramics. He then did his graduate work at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. His hand-sculpted porcelain art is subtle and precise, conflating intricate organic imagery. He received a prestigious Honorable Mention in the 2008 International Ceramics Festival in Mino, Japan.

10" x 15" x 9.5"

Mark Sengbusch, born in 1979, received his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn. His paintings are concerned with “objecthood” and speak of ancient relics and science fiction; jewels, computer consoles, Peruvian tapestries come to mind.  He describes his work as “super-functional,” existing in a disinterested state beyond the viewer’s immediate realm of explanation.

Gem Animal Eyes
Acrylic on Plexiglass (reverse painted)
24" x 24" x 1/2"

Three generations of artists of the New York school are represented in this exhibition accompanied by works of art spanning a time line of 2000 years.

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